Meet Finn – TAPVR

Finn was diagnosed with TAPVR, Complete AV Canal Defect, Heterotaxy, DORV, Pulmonary Stenosis, and more. We are honored to feature Finn who has been an inspiration to so many heart families.

We have followed Finn and his family for awhile and they are such a positive family. We would like to thank this family for sharing their child’s story with us. Read Finns story below.

“Finn was born on 1/2/15. When I was just 19 weeks pregnant with him we found out he had very complex heart disease.

img 3685

He is now three years old and just had his second open heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.

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He still has a long uncertain road as we are very dependent on technological advances but for now, he is a very happy toddler loving life!

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He has endured months and months of his life in the hospital and 14 procedures but he somehow smiles through it all while inspiring us every day.”

Story submitted by Heart Mom – Kelly Blumenthal

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