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Remington's Heart Foundation has teamed up with Cars2Charities to expand donation methods!

Donate your old vehicle and help Kansas City are heart families!a

Remington’s Heart Foundation has teamed up with Cars2Charities to offer an alternative method of support. Have you ever thought about donating a car to support a charity? Your donation could help a family in need of financial assistance. Do you have an old car, truck, suv, or trailer? Is it setting in your driveway, field, or pasture? Maybe you have a car setting in the front yard that just isn’t getting fixed fast enough and you’d rather have it hauled off. Simply Click Here and fill out the information. You’ll get fast, Free pickup in 24 – 48 hours, the Best tax deduction, and you’ll be helping Kansas City area heart families!

It may seem impossible that donating a car for kids can be easy, but it is!

It’s all possible with one phone call. Reach out to us at Cars2Charities at 888-520-2100 or online to make a vehicle donation to Remington’s Heart. One of our towing professionals comes to wherever you are and we begin the work of selling your car.

remingtons heart carLike many people who donate cars to a children’s charity, it may surprise you how little effort is needed on your end. Because we handle everything from start to finish, you don’t have to deal with prepping, posting and selling your vehicle. Cars2Charities even takes care of the title transfer!

Have you ever calculated how much value you lose when you do a dealer trade-in or CarMax? They usually keep about 60-70% for their profits. That’s okay, of course, but you can write off 100% of the value of your vehicle when you make a car or truck donation to Remington’s Heart.

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Donate your vehicle and help Remington’s Heart Foundation!